Shawarma Euro "enjoy the difference"

At Euro Shawarma, we are honoured to serve our customers with delicious, fresh, healthy, organically produced food. We provide our customers with high quality and rich in flavour food. All of our products are locally-grown produce. From the mouth watering sandwiches to the delicious dishes, Euro Shawarma prepares daily in order to provide guests with an unforgettable experience.


To go along with our fresh produce and appetizing flavours, we provide our customers with the satisfaction of a clean and warm welcoming environment.


Come on in and Enjoy the Difference!




Born into a culture that prioritizes quality food, Mr. Adiman could not find a healthy alternative to the fast food chains here at home. There was also a shortage of shawarma availability in general in Canada compared to Europe where shawarma is highly accessible. Due to the presence of a large Middle Eastern population in Europe, the shawarma is a very prominent dish.


One very important aspect of Mr. Adiman's vision was the need for delicious, nutritious, clean and organically produced food for society. After finishing high school Mr. Adiman decided to focus on developing a business providing the community with quality shawarma. First and foremost a team of experienced and high caliber individuals was a necessary component for Euro Shawarma's success. For this reason, Mr. Adiman brought along many individuals specializing in different disciplines in the shawarma industry in an attempt to bring the delicious tasting shawarma from Europe to Canada. Part of the Euro Shawarma Team, a relative of Mr. Adiman's, is the main Chef. He spent quite some time in Germany working in the shawarma industry.  He finally decided it was time to come back and start his own chain here in Canada. Along with himself he brought the famous recipes of the shawarma and other dishes of the Middle East. As a result, in January of 2012 Mr. Adiman opened the first Euro Shawarma establishment located at Keele and Wilson in Toronto.





Euro Shawarma has many convenient locations across Toronto and the GTA.

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